Resso Music App
Basic Feature Resso Music Amazon Music
Music Library Regional FocusedExtentive Content
Audio Quality High quality HD
UI User friendly Easy to navigate
Subscription Premium 3-7$/month 9.99$/month
Offline Playback Cross Platform CompatibilityYes
Customer Support High Fully responsive

TikTok parent company ByteDance recently unveiled Resso, a music streaming app designed to compete with the industry’s major players. With socially-focused features that enable users to share lyrics across apps or create collaborative playlists with friends, this new service currently operates in India, Indonesia and Brazil and currently holds a small but consistent market share according to Apptopia data.

Resso premium mod apk is an intuitive app with a simplistic user experience reminiscent of TikTok, featuring swipe up/down navigation instead of the usual playback controls (preview/next/shuffle/repeat). Resso also allows subscribers to upload GIFs/images/videos that will play alongside music while simultaneously showing lyrics time-synced to lyrics within each track and song. Users can create playlists of favorite tracks or browse genres/artists/albums for their enjoyment.

Resso utilizes a 256kbps AAC format, which may not meet Spotify standards but should still meet most listeners’ needs. Furthermore, Resso supports Dolby Atmos streaming technology for an even more immersive listening experience if your device supports it.

Resso’s subscription cost may be slightly higher than Spotify, Apple Music and Jio Saavn, but comes equipped with Amazon Prime member discounts and Amazon’s huge music library. In addition, it supports Dolby Atmos streaming which provides audiophiles a more spacious listening experience.


Choosing between Resso and Amazon Music depends on your preferences:

  • Resso is ideal for users looking for a vibrant, interactive music streaming experience with a focus on regional content and social features.
  • Amazon Music is better suited for users who prefer a broader music library, high-definition audio options, and seamless integration with other Amazon services.

Both services cater well to their target audiences, offering unique advantages tailored to different listening habits and requirements.

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