India boasts a diverse musical culture rooted in classical Indian music, folk traditions and Bollywood pop. At the same time, this nation is open to exploring new styles of music from around the globe and has welcomed globalized sounds into their own musical traditions. All the music can be enjoyed at your very own resso mod apk.

This year has seen numerous independent artists emerge with unique musical styles to captivate audiences across India. While many still prefer Bollywood music, more people are exploring beyond it to discover their next favorite artist.

Arijit Singh

has long been a household name. This singer-composer’s songs have become chartbusters and his voice can instantly be recognised, connecting with the youth across India. From romantic ballads to sad songs to bhajans he offers something for every emotion in his music repertoire that has won hearts around the globe.

Rabindranath Tagore

was one of the key figures who transformed Bengali literature in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as a composer, poet, playwright, painter, and playwright. His works, especially songs from his Gitanjali collection of poetry have long been beloved for their timeless melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Alka Yagnik

is another notable name on our list, having made her mark in Bollywood films with her mesmerising voice and talent for singing different emotions ranging from seductive item numbers to romantic ballads. Music fans have revered Alka as an iconic vocalist for decades now.

Ehsaas Band

has made waves on the music scene thanks to their signature sound that draws influence from both their hometown and cultural background. Their Hindi and Urdu lyrics create an appealing blend of ideas and emotions, providing their audience with an irresistibly captivating experience.


has made waves in Desi Hip-Hop for years and can often be found appearing in major budget films. His track Midtown Madness serves as a testament to his unique sound and shows just how far he’s come as an artist.

Prabh Deep

is another notable name on this list; a young songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentist from Mumbai. This young musician has featured in popular Bollywood music videos as well as working alongside Tabia Yaadan and others. His latest EP “KING Returns” shows off his musical mastery with its more refined sound which will surely impress listeners; plus it pays homage to greats such as Pat Metheny and Jeff Beck in its repertoire of instrumental guitar tunes!

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