To change audio quality in Resso press three dots (Settings Icon) while playing a song whose audio quality you want to change and scroll right to find Equalizer tab. Click on equalizer and turn the function on by setting the switch to [On]. Then, adjust the list from the equalizer. The audio quality of the currently playing song will be adjusted.

Further more, How Can You Change Audio Quality in Resso and Equalize Your Music Sound ByteDance’s parent company has released the new music streaming app Resso for Gen Z audiences, designed to provide them with a more human experience when discovering and listening to tunes they love. Resso offers several unique features which set itself apart from competitors including commenting features as well as sharing song lyrics.

Resso doesn’t boast as extensive a catalog as Spotify or Deezer, yet still provides users with a diverse selection of songs in various languages and genres. Furthermore, Resso features an innovative social discovery feature which allows them to discover playlists shared by members of their community as well as creating their own.

Resso premium mod apk stands out among other audio players thanks to its support for an array of high-quality audio formats, including MP3, WAV and FLAC files. Furthermore, its built-in equalizer enables you to tailor the music sound exactly how you’d like – boost bass levels or tweak treble levels as necessary and even save custom settings as presets!

Resso offers many ways of downloading music, but for the fastest and easiest results the most reliable option is AudFree Audio Capture. This program features an easy user interface with batch downloading capability and high-quality output that works on both PCs and Mac computers; PasteDownload and ExpertsPHP may experience delays or glitches as alternatives.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Audio Quality in Resso

1. Select settings.

Change Audio Quality in Resso- Step 1
Change Audio Quality in Resso - Step 2

2. Click on equalizer

3. Turn on equalizer

Change Audio Quality in Resso - Step 3
Change Audio Quality in Resso - Step 4

4. Adjust the list from the equalizer.

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