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Resso, a TikTok-esque music streaming platform launched recently after an initial beta run, strives to stand out by offering multiple features users can easily access.

As soon as you launch the app, it displays popular music along with your own playlist of added songs and user uploaded vertical videos and photos called Vibes that can be played along with any track. In addition to that, there’s also a display feature which displays lyrics for any track so that if any are missing you can add them yourself or use pre-prepared lyrics to easily post your favorites to Instagram stories.

Resso’s song selection remains limited for now due to not yet having secured licensing deals with major labels like Universal Music. This may be influenced by TikTok parent company ByteDance holding 10 percent stakes in Universal Music as well as having other apps which already hold licensing deals with them.

Resso mod apk is one of the more interesting music streaming services out there despite having only a limited catalog, thanks to its social design that allows you to engage in conversations around songs you like – which makes listening fun! Unfortunately, the app uses up a lot of data due to all its video streaming. Still worth a try for music lovers of any kind!

Table: Resso vs Gaana

Songs CollectionOver 30 MillionLess than 30 Million
Supports HD-Quality MusicYesYes
Radio StationsYesNo
PriceFree (with Ads)Premium with Resso Mod APK
Lyrics FunctionNoYes

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